I’d definitely recommend the “5 Steps to Converting a Client” workshop to others. It showed me the ‘how to’ of conversion and turned the thought of selling from an awkward exchange to understanding that selling is a strategic skill that can be learnt but delivered whilst maintaining the highest intention of bring value to the client.
This training was invaluable. It hones in on the keys to conversion. It has given me a roadmap to follow and given me clarity around how to convert clients. Thank you Sylvia – I really loved this training and I look forward to demonstrating its value as I implement this into my business.

  • Business Owner, Elite Life Mastery, NSW

Complete switch in how a traditional sales process is thought of. Great value to me as I was feeling really uncomfortable about the thought of “selling” myself, but your “5 Steps to Converting a Client” workshop allows me to start offering value right away.
I especially valued the safe environment you provided Sylvia and the fun you allowed us to have role playing which made some of the strategies even more clear. Thank you.

  • Business Owner, Lana Mayes, NSW

As a result of working with Sylvia, I feel a sense of calm. I feel in control and a huge sense of relief that the silent pressure has been lifted. I feel excited when looking at the road ahead and best of all I feel a sense of certainty that I can move forward in all areas of my life with a sense of clarity and purpose, feeling confident that I am in the driver’s seat and I know how to position myself for success.
Sylvia’s light-hearted determination and resolve to get a result for you means your results are certain. Recognise that there is always a way for you to reach your goals and working with Sylvia will give you the ‘how to’ keys you are searching for.

  • Nicole Latham, NSW

After coaching with Sylvia for over two months now I have found a renewed sense of confidence and certainty that I have all the tools that I need in order to solve my problems and succeed. She’s teaching me how to best wield them and which tools to use

  • Tom Bass, NSW

I would recommend Sylvia to anyone who wants to achieve greater clarity in their personal and professional goals. We all have goals and believe we know how to reach them, however, the ability to look from all angles for thebest direction does not present itself - Sylvia was able to open my inner thought process to reach a mindset shift for the better.

  • Brett Applebee, NSW

I had some goals to achieve but couldn’t seem to start any of them, I felt like I was going around in circles. Instead of making progress I was just becoming frustrated, lost and unhappy. As a result of working with Sylvia, I now feel empowered, I have clarity and goals. I am victor and not a victim. I would recommend Sylvia to anyone who feels lost and requires career and life direction. I feel indebted to Sylvia for caring and realising the potential in me. I want to thank her for finding me peace and reminding me how strong I am. 

  • Kate Stewart, NSW

I would recommend the “5 Steps to Converting a Client” workshop as most of us do not understand sales and are uncomfortable with it. Sylvia shows us that we need not push for sales when we follow these five steps and that sales should be a smooth transition from asking the right questions. After this workshop, I am not so phobic about sales and am looking forward to learning and taking my first steps.

  • Business Owner, Reality Makeover, NSW

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Sylvia Ha is a human behaviour specialist who shares Mindology success principles on how to win the game in life and business.