Within minutes of first speaking with Sylvia it was clear that I there were some gaps in my knowledge and understanding of sales and marketing. Honestly, it was like she was speaking a different language and I knew that I had to understand how to speak that language!

It wasn’t just my sales and marketing that was in a shambles, it was almost everything within my fledgling business – from top to bottom. It made sense that my results were limited and my message was messy – there was no clear structure. Not easy for others to want to buy, and even harder to sell.

I was so impressed with how Sylvia was able to generate a very clear way to navigate through our sessions. Whilst taking into account what I knew, she was able to create a path for where we needed to go. This meant that everything was new to me, and I was never left behind until I ‘got’ what she was teaching me. And yes, I did have some dumb moments – and she always stayed with me.

Sylvia had a way of showing absolute faith even when I doubted myself. It would have been easy for her to simply give me the answers, but I was able to discover them for myself. So cool to know that I had the answers in me the whole time – it makes me wonder what else I know that I don’t know!

As a result of working with Sylvia, I now feel very confident that I can navigate through the next phase of my business and experience great growth along the way.

I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone to Sylvia who is looking to go to the next level in their business. She is a well of knowledge and has the willingness to share it with those who are ready to step up and taking the necessary action.

Thanks Sylvia – you SERIOUSLY rock!

  • Business Owner, Public Speaking Institute, VIC

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Sylvia Ha is a human behaviour specialist who shares Mindology success principles on how to win the game in life and business.