The Mindology Vision and Mission

Mindology’s vision is to become the most loved and recommended Personal Success Coaching and Sales Coaching business in Australia.

We are committed to raising the standards and achievements of personal and business success for individuals and corporations. The Mindology difference not only improves current practices, but uncovers a new way of thinking.

This new way of thinking creates a new benchmark that helps our customers win the game in life and business not by being better, but by being different.

We build strong bonds with the community by donating a portion of proceeds to a charity. We have a strong ambition to inspire and grow people that can inspire and grow communities. Not only for this generation, but for future generations.

To truly grow, the outcome must be bigger than JUST you.

Business Done Differently

We do business differently.

For Businesses

We commit to creating new standards for businesses and when we achieve the outcomes, we agree to provide an agreed portion of the success to the nominated charity.

For Individuals

We commit to your personal success and when we achieve your personal success outcomes, we agree to provide an agreed portion of the success to the nominated charity.

Hands Across The Water

Hands Across The Water is the nominated charity. Hands Across the Water is an Australian charity that gives at-risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand. Projects are tailored to meet local communities’ needs – for the long term. The charity is focused on improving the lives of the kids and their communities today and in the future.

Every cent goes to the kids and their communities. No donors’ money goes to administration. Or staff costs. Or marketing. Or fundraising.

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Life’s battles don’t
always go to the
stronger or faster
man. But sooner or
later the man who
wins, is the man who
thinks he can.
   – Bruce Lee