Women in Sales, Marketing and Account Management

Leadership Summit 2015 | 18-19 March 2015

Key insights, strategies and inspiration for career advancement and leadership in Marketing, Sales and Account Management.

An inaugural Women in Sales, Marketing and Account Management Leadership Summit 2015, the premier professional development and network for emerging leaders. Hear the country’s top female Sales & Marketing leaders from leading brands share their inspirational journeys, challenges, opportunities and achievements.


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Expert Commentary by Sylvia Ha

How to win in life and business by exercising natural feminine energy

The challenges of women achieving senior executive success in traditionally male-dominated environments are widely known. Visionary women have played a large part in shifting the landscape for enterprises. Recognising the critical importance of gender diversity and strengths of emotional intelligence and consultative management has borne new models of leadership. Find your own inner balance of energies and express them authentically by discovering:

  • The true meaning of women’s leadership strengths and why these are important for success.
  • The differentiated experience created with the use of feminine energy.
  • How to nurture your business to enable growth and contribution that is larger than profit alone.