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According to the Corporate Executive Board¹, the best Sales people don’t just build relationships.

They CHALLENGE them.

So how does your sales force sell today?

Harvard Business Review published a must read article referencing Corporate Executive Board (CEB) research and The Challenger Sale book. Click here for the HBR article: The End of Solution Sales.

Furthermore, the evolution of sales is described frankly by Church, Cook & Stein (2011)² and what it means to be a true Thought Leader.
The reality is, great sales people don’t sell. They convince the buyer to convince themselves. To be in this position of success, sales people must operate from a position of Authority.

A customer buys certainty.


Figure A: The Evolution of Sales

2 Church, Cook & Stein 2011, Sell Your Thoughts, Auckland, New Zealand


  • Ultimate Influence 8 step sales conversion methodology.
  • What your Prospect fears and how to overcome the fundamental fears.
  • 20 powerful persuasive language patterns.
  • 4 Dimensions of Human Behaviour and the Psychology of Buying.


  • Sales Leaders and Business Owners seeking to develop a unique Value Proposition for the organisation’s solutions and services.
  • Sales Leaders who wish to enhance the sales effectiveness of their Sales Teams and increase conversion rates.
  • Sales Leaders and Business Owners who want to understand the economic value of their business based on past, present and future customers.

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What customers are saying...

Complete switch in how a traditional sales process is thought of. Great value to me as I was feeling really uncomfortable about the thought of “selling” myself, but your “5 Steps to Converting a Client” workshop allows me to start offering value right away.
I especially valued the safe environment you provided Sylvia and the fun you allowed us to have role playing which made some of the strategies even more clear. Thank you.

Business Owner, Lana Mayes, NSW